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Bird of the islands

Bird of the islands

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Bird 1

Size:  84 X 32

28 colors 


Diamond painting is a new style of needlework painting following a pattern.
It consists of  resin diamonds with different rich colors that never fade to express vivid effects that depict a magnificent picture.
Therapeutic and calming, great as a collection, gift, and decoration.
The kit contains: clear printed canvas, tools, diamond material: resin; diamond shape: high quality rond rhinestones. Box Packing. The kit does not include frame. Easy to operate convenient and easy completed. Elegant and stylish living room, study, bedroom, embodies the taste and style master. foto3


Product Details:

· Item Condition: Brand New

· Item Type: DIY Diamond Painting

· Frame: Not included

· Form: Three-dimensional

· Material: Resin, Rhinestone

· Diamond Shape: rond

Diamond Size : 2.5mm /0.1i

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